Sept 24, 2020

Saint Gerard Catholic Church

Meeting of Finance Council

September 24, 2020

Location: Offices of Saint Gerard Catholic Church
809 Orange Avenue, NW
Roanoke, Virginia

Attendance: Finance Council Members: Present: Karen Wray, Chair, Dan Callaghan, Secretary

Absent: Cleo Sims, Victoria Brown, Armando Jerez, Myriam Jerez, Abraham Ngemdahimana

Other Attendees: Fr. Ken Shuping (Pastor), Fr. Jose Arce (Parochial Vicar), Jim Allen, Business Manager, Paul English

Call to Order: The meeting began at 6:34 pm with a prayer offered by Ms. Wray

Roll Call: Ms. Wray, Chair, called the roll and proceeded with the meeting without a quorum of the Finance Council

Agenda: Ms. Wray distributed the agenda for the meeting. Members and Fr. Shuping had no additions.

Minutes: The minutes of the August 27, 2020 meeting were received and filed, without amendment.

Financial Reports: Ms. Wray reviewed the Parish checking account and credit card reconciliation statements.

Mr. Allen presented the financial reports for the Parish for period ended August 31, 2020. Mr. Allen reported balances for the Parish accounts as follows: Operating Account: $31,000; Savings Account: $49,000; Capital Improvement Account: $66,000. Mr. Allen also reported that the Parish has spent $22,900 in PPP loan proceeds in August 2020. Mr. Allen anticipates completing the paperwork for the loan forgiveness of the PPP loan in October 2020 and expects that the loan will be forgiven by the federal government.

Collections have been less than budget as the Parish continues to operate under the state guidelines and limitations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The principal impact is seen in loose collections (off budget by approximately $12,000 through 08.31.2020). Envelope collections and e-giving are improving. Mr. Allen will be improving access to electronic giving through the Parish website.

Parish staff are exploring grant opportunities. Fr. Arce made a mission appeal to another parish for support. The Parish expects the fuel assistance grant in November. Fr. Shuping suggested that the Parish explore a grant from the Diocese involving the Bicentennial celebration.

Fr. Shuping continued the discussion on the Parish need to support the capital improvement account. The Parish should consider a second collection dedicated to increasing the capital improvement fund.

The Diocese Office of Finance may be making some adjustments to the Parish charges for FY 2019 and FY 2020. The Parish may receive a refund and avoid any additional charges.

Other Business: Fr. Shuping, Fr. Arce, and Mr. Allen reported on the status of the bathroom renovation project. The permits from the City have been issued and work is expected to be completed in October 2020.

Fr. Shuping noted that the Parish has retained All in One for the work at Kibeho House. The Parish has paid a deposit ($1554) and work will commence during October.

Mr. Ngemdahimana suggested consideration of interior renovations to create a larger meeting space. This work would require removal of supporting walls and will very expensive. The Finance Council also discussed whether Kibeho House could be used as a Parish archive. Mr. Allen will contact the Diocese to ascertain whether grant funds may be available.

Adjournment: Fr. Arce offered a closing prayer and the meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

Next Meeting: Offices of Saint Gerard Parish
809 Orange Avenue, NW
Roanoke, VA

Thursday, October 22, 2020, at 6:30pm

Respectfully submitted,
October 19, 2020

Daniel J. Callaghan
Secretary, Finance Council
Saint Gerard Catholic Church
Roanoke, Virginia