All Catechists, as Heralds of the Word, must give support to the Church’s official teaching on all matters of faith and morals. We are not bearers of our own message, but rather the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You represent Christ to the children, the youth, and the adults, and speak in His name.

The Office of Christian Formation has announced Pathways: Delivered supported by the Catholic Faith Technologies online platform.

There are three tiers of Catechist Certification to meet your level of training needs and help you grow in faith, knowledge, and passion:

  • Tier-One Catechist TrainingAll parish catechists and school religion teachers are expected to complete this training within their first year of service.


  • Vocation of the Catechist
  • Catholic Approach to Scripture
  • Catholic Tradition

The courses are online, accessible 24/7, and completed at your own pace.

To register for Tier One Training, contact the CRE.

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Resources for catechists:

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