Catechesis grades 9-12

In virtue of their baptism, all the members of the People of God have become missionary disciples…”

Pope Francis, Evangelii  Gaudium # 120

“There is a deep hunger in youth and young adults-a hunger for love, for truth, for meaning, for belonging, and for purpose that the culture cannot satisfy.  This hunger is satisfied in friendship with Jesus Christ—a friendship that leads to community in his Church and to fruitful sharing of love and care with those in need.  Another way to describe this friendship is the invitation to become a missionary disciple of and for Jesus Christ. Youth and young adults begin their discipleship journey in baptism and continue on that journey when they come to love Christ and follow His ways. They become missionary disciples when they seek to witness and serve those most in need, beginning with those closest to them.  Our engagement with youth and young adults should help young disciples encounter Christ. Accompany them, promote belonging in the parish community, and lead them to missionary witness.”  USCCB Missionary Disciples

St. Gerard Christian Formation for grades 9-12 will focus on being a Witness and a Missionary Disciple.