Knights of Columbus

Join the Knights of Columbus!

This group meets on the last Sunday of the month at 11:00 am. Call the office to get more information and to be directed to the Grand Knight at the local council. Click here for more information and/or to join them.

A little about them:



All the good works of the Knights are informed by four core principles:

Charity – The Catholic faith teaches to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Members of the Knights of Columbus show love for their neighbors by conducting food drives and donating the food to local soup kitchens and food pantries, and by supporting, both spiritually and materially, mothers who choose life for their babies. Knights recognize that their mission, and their faith in God, compels them to action. There is no better way to experience love and compassion than by helping those in need.

Unity – No one Knight is as good as all together.  Members of the Knights of Columbus all know that – together – they can accomplish far more than any one could individually. So they support one another. That doesn’t mean that they always agree or that there is never a difference of opinion. It does mean that – as a Knight of Columbus – you can count on the support and encouragement of your brother Knights as you work to make life better in your parish and community.

Fraternity – Blessed Michael J. McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus, in large part, to provide assistance to the widows and children left behind when the family breadwinner died – often prematurely. The Order’s top-rated insurance program continues to do this today, as do the good works of individual Knights, who gave more than 75.6 million service hours in 2017, illustrating how Catholics serve each other in fraternity and mercy.

Patriotism – Members of the Knights of Columbus, be they Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Cubans, Filipinos, Poles, or Dominicans, are patriotic citizens. They are proud of their devotion to God and country, and believe in standing up for both. Whether it’s in public or private, the Knights remind the world that Catholics support their nation and are amongst the greatest citizens.